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I fell in love with ice-dying the first time I tried it.

It is less labor intensive than regular tub-dying and the result is a a cross between tie dye, shibori, and dying with natural pigments. I choose earthy, organic hues; I don't want my products to be confused with tie dye (I love tie dye, don't get me wrong). But this is altogether different.


As the ice melts onto the fabric, the powdered dye particles separate and mingle with the other colors. The powdered dye liquifies with the melting ice and travels around and down through the fabric, leaving new color combinations and beautiful patterns in its wake.


I start with clean, damp fabric that has been soaked in a soda ash solution. Then I  pile ice on top the scrunched fabric. 


After the ice melts (it can be left overnight), I wash the fabric.


I choose a color pallet from my powdered, fiber reactive dyes and sprinkle them on top the ice.


After I sew the items I want, I will spatter paint them with more color.

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